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Monday, 30 June 2014

Maleficent inspired makeup tutorial

My boyfriend and I recently watched Maleficent at the cinema and I loved it so much (I think we both fell a bit in love with Angelina Jolie...) This look is inspired by Maleficent with her signature red lips and cheek bones. This began as just an experiment but I loved the end result! (Sorry for the bad quality pictures- still figuring out how to use my camera...)

I began by mixing white face paint with my foundation and applied this to my face to create a pale canvas. Using a dark brown, I created villain-like eyebrows by drawing a sharp arch and extending beyond my natural brow. I'm not great at contouring but I gave it a go- using a matte brown eyeshadow I contoured the sides of my nose, cheeks and temples to make my face look more sunken and gothic like Maleficent's. With a white/champagne colour, I highlighted the tops of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose to sharpen my features.

Moving onto the eyes, I primed them using e.l.f's eyeshadow primer in 'Pearl' which creates a matte, white base for the colours to pop. I highlighted my brow bone with a shimmering pale yellow colour, and used a warm brown all over the lid. I used a greyish brown colour in the crease to create depth and shadow, and then went in with a small brush and black shadow to dramatise the eyes with a sharp crease. Finally I lined my lash line with gel liner and applied mascara. False eyelashes would have been perfect for this look, unfortunately I had no lash glue :(

To complete this look, I finished off with a bright red lipstick and voila!
-Phil x x