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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Leather flames: Look of the day

I really like this combination of textures and colour blocking. The smoked red eyeshadow really intensifies the eyes to compliment this fierce, bold outfit. Chain collar necklace and feather earring accessories by H&M.

Many thanks to my sister for modelling.
-Phil x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Small drugstore haul

I've been in love with the Barry M glitter nail varnishes since I tried their limited edition glitter polish in 'Majesty'. Every colour is gorgeous and they have such a glamourous feel. I picked up two from the textured collection called 'Lady' and 'Duchess'. Lady is a frosty white pearl colour with gold glitter, and Duchess is a shimmering pink shade with silver glitter. I can't wait to try them. I was also looking for a new foundation as I don't like how my current Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation leaves my face looking shiny. I came across NYC's Skin Matching foundation, in the shade 'light' which not only has great coverage but also has a smooth, matte finish. It leaves my skin feeling light and fresh. Finally, I picked up NYC's Big Bold Curl Mascara in 'Extra Black' which really thickens my lashes and holds the curl well. I'm really happy with my purchases.

Although my eyelashes are long, they are completely straight and point downwards. Therefore, curling my eyelashes is an essential part of my makeup routine and I am always on the look out for a mascara that will hold my lash curls all day. I tried NYC's Big Curl mascara today and I'm pleased to say that, even through the wind and rain, my lashes stayed perfectly curled and natural-looking. The formula is thick but doesn't clump my lashes together. Best of all, it's an extremely reasonable price. I'd recommend this mascara to anymore whose lashes, like mine, need a little extra help.
Thanks for reading.
-Phil x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sunset eyes: makeup tutorial

So, it's only January and I'm already fed up of the dull, grey weather. I miss the sun!
I decided to create this warm, fiery makeup look inspired by summer sunsets. I took inspiration from Michelle Phan and her 'hazy summer eyes' makeup tutorial (a few years old, but I love watching her old videos!) I used my Coastal Scents 252 palette to create this vibrant look and love how the colours melt into each other, creating the image of a blazing summer sky.
I began by priming my lids so that my shadows are more bright and vibrant. Taking a sunflower yellow shade, I applied this to the inner half of the lid to represent the sun rays. I then chose a bright orange shadow and focused this on the centre of the lid to represent the burning sun. Flipping the brush over, I selected a warm-toned red shade, and created a 'v' shape on the outer edge of my eye. Taking a buffer brush, I blended this colour out, bringing it slighting above the orange. This creates the burning clouds, with the sun peeking through. To help the colours melt into each over, I used a hot pink shade and applied this between the orange and red as a transition colour for extra dimension.
 Using a blue eyeliner, I lined the upper lash line, gradually thickening the line out towards the outer edge. Using a small, dense brush, I lightly blended the eyeliner out to create a hazy effect. This dark element of the look represents the ocean being cast as a silhouette by the sun. Using a clean fluffy brush, I then went back and blended out the outer edges of the red to soften the look and to also emphasise the haziness.
For the lower lash line, I chose a deep violet shade and applied this using a liner brush across the outer two thirds of my lash line. I used a pearly champagne colour to highlight my inner corners and brow bone, and also lined the inner third of my lower lash line with this. These steps really brighten up the eyes and bring more light into the look. Finally, I lined my waterline with a cream black eyeliner, curled my lashes and applied a thin coat of mascara.
Hope you enjoyed!
-Phil x

Friday, 10 January 2014

What's in my beauty bag?

I received this adorable Beauty Cosmetic Bag for Christmas and thought I'd write a little post about it. Each little goodie bag comes with 10 different products in a variety of colours. These make great gifts because the packaging is really cute and everybody gets something a little different!

 My gift bag includes the following:
  • Red Shimmer Cream lip gloss
  • Pink Shimmer Cream lip gloss
  • Brown/Nude Glitter lip gloss
  • Red Glitter lip gloss
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Sheer pink lip gloss
  • Charcoal eyeshadow dust
  • Hot pink nail polish
  • Midnight blue nail polish  
  • French manicure nail file

I've yet to try out a few of these products, but so far I've used the lip glosses, nail polishes and eyeliner and I've been pleasantly surprised with all of them. The lip glosses have a lovely shine and are true to their colours (however I did use a lipliner to help with this). They're not too sticky and also have a nice, sweet scent which is not artificial-smelling (my pet peeve!!) The nail polishes are really nice- opaque, fast drying and very shiny. I've been wearing the Midnight Blue colour for nearly a week and they haven't chipped. The eyeliner is extremely black, with an almost creamy texture which makes for easy application. So far, so good! I look forward to trying out the Charcoal eyeshadow dust.
-Phil x

Ardell individual lash: Review

I recently purchased some Ardell individual lashes and I am super excited to try them out. My sister wears them frequently and recommended them due to their natural finish. The pack comes with 60 lash flares and providing I take care of them (keep them clean/remove excess glue), they will last a very long time. From past experience, the adhesive that comes free with most lash sets is low quality and too thick/clumpy. For this reason, I also got Ardell's dark adhesive specifically for individual lashes. Although these are not the most inexpensive of products, the quality completely lives up to expectations and I am very happy with them.

Application: Truthfully, I found it extremely difficult to apply these lashes because I'm so new to this. Hopefully with practise it'll get easier! The easiest method I found was to apply the lashes using tweezers. This allows you to put the lash band right above your real lashes, making them look more natural and seamless. I used three of the lash flares per eye because I didn't want them to look too overpowering/heavy. I merely wanted to accentuate the length and density of my own eyelashes and I am really pleased with how they turned out. The glue is extremely strong, and if well kept, these lashes can be worn for up to two weeks. However this was just an experiment for me and I removed them using Ardell's lash remover.
(Sorry for webcam quality!) Here's how they looked:

I'm aware this is nowhere near perfect, but for a first attempt I'm happy! Thanks for reading.
-Phil x

Thursday, 9 January 2014

1920's Glamour: makeup tutorial

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope to make posts on a more regular basis from now on so please stay tuned! My first makeup tutorial of the year will be a fun look which I wore on New Years for a 1920's Flapper themed party. I received a gorgeous makeup palette by e.l.f for Christmas which I've been using non-stop over the holidays and I've incorporated many of the shadows into this look. I really love how smooth the shadows are; they are very silky and light to touch. I had fun creating this look and decided to share it with my fellow bloggers and makeup lovers. 

Products used:
  • 32 piece eyeshadow palette by e.l.f
  • Manicare Beauty Essentials Stippling brush
  • Manicare Beauty Essentials Angle brush
  • Flat shader brush by MAC
  • Eyeshadow primer in 'Sheer' by e.l.f
  • High Brow definition kit by BeautyUK
  • Fabulous Lash mascara

 This has become one of my favourite palettes because there is such a great variety of matte and satin shades. The colours are warm and neutral and I've gotten so much use out of this palette already. It includes a handy sponge tip applicator and mirror, as well as a matte black and vanilla highlight. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a day-time/everyday-wear palette.

 Essential brushes: The stippling brush helps my foundation last alot longer because the soft, sparse hairs evenly distribute the product over the face, meaning only a tiny bit of product is needed. The end result is a smooth and flawless finish. If heavier coverage is needed, then the product can easily be built up using this brush without that awful feeling of looking 'cakey'. The angled brush allows me to line my lash line neatly and precisely, and also makes winging out eyeliner so much easier. Finally, the flat shader brush packs on shadow with minimum fall out, making application of shadows quick and simple.
 I started off by priming my lids with e.l.f's eyeshadow primer in 'Sheer' to make the shadows last all night without creasing. I then applied a wash of baby pink, shimmery shadow all over the lid. (I decided to experiment with sparkly satins because they are more appropriate for the holiday season!) I then took a medium plum shade and worked this into the crease to make the eyes more intense. I blended this colour out with a clean, fluffy brush and a rose gold colour to create a soft edge and to add some extra sparkle. To add further depth, I reapplied the plum shade into the outer 'v' of my lid to make the look more smokey and flapper-like. To finish off the shadows, I selected a shimmery champagne shade and applied this to both the inner corners and centre of the lids to make the eyes brighter and more light-reflecting.
 I found that using gel liner was too heavy for this look, so instead I opted for a black pencil. I lined my upper and lower lash lines with this pencil and set this with a matte black shadow (this helps prevent smudging and also softens the look). To balance the eyes, I blended the plum shadow onto my lower lash line which creates the more distinguished 'smokey-eye' look that is associated with flapper eye-makeup. Finally, I curled my eyelashes and applied a generous coat of black mascara. To really dramatize the eyes, you could add some falsies!

 I chose eyeshadow colours which would compliment the colour of my gold-flecked, pink dress (which I purchased from a River Island sale for £7!) I paired this with simple black leggins and nude heels. To accessorise, I chose a statement waterfall necklace and sweet, golden gem earrings.
 I gathered my hair into a messy side-bun, tugging at strands to make it big and voluminous. I purchased a cute lace headband from H&M for 99p and a feather/gem hair accessory for £3.99. By combining the two, I created a makeshift flapper-inspired hair piece which I was really happy with.

I kept my lips simple and understated by moisturising with Carmex cherry lip balm and applying a nude gloss. On my cheeks is a warm blush by Seventeen called 'Dusty Rose'. Here is the finished look!
Hope you enjoyed.

-Phil x