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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas red berry: Wishlist outfit

Classic cat eye: makeup tutorial

The classic 'cat eye' is one of my go-to, everyday makeup looks which I chose to glam up with some false lashes and festive red lip stick. I purchased these lashes from a reliable ebay seller and chose the natural set (link here). The cat eye is my favourite look because it is simple, elegant and classic, and after abit of practise, only takes 5 minutes!

Products used:

I began by applying elf's eyeshadow primer in 'Sheer' all over the lid to create a smooth canvas, ready for the application of shadow. I selected a warm, earthy brown shade and worked this into the crease of my lid to add depth and create the illusion of larger eyes. I chose a shimmery, light-reflecting pearl colour and applied this into the inner corners to brighten up my eyes. I used warm tones and shades to compliment the colour of my eyes and to create a sweet 'doe-eyed' look.
Using a thin, liner brush, I applied Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner in 'Black Ink' to my upper lash line. I much prefer gel liners over pencil and liquid because I find the colour payoff much greater and long lasting/waterproof. To create the perfect shaped wing for your eye shape, simply extend your brush from the end of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Lightly trace this angled line with a pencil to give yourself a guide line. I find it easier to begin filling in the liner from the outer lid, and thinning out towards the inner lid- however everyone is different; just do what's easiest for you! To make your wing crisp and sharp, take a makeup wipe and erase any errors/smudges.  
The eyelashes that I bought where longer than expected; I thought they looked too heavy for this delicate look and I therefore trimmed them slightly shorter so they looked more natural. After applying a thin layer of glue, I waited 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky and then I pressed them right above my lash line using tweezers. The closer to the lash line, the more natural and seamless they look- however any gaps can easily be filled in with some liquid liner. Since the lashes are quite extravagant, I did very little to my lower lash line other than a dusting of brown eyeshadow.
This eye makeup looks really beautiful with a nude lipstick (which is often what I wear for college because it's simple and understated). However, to add some christmas spice, why not apply some fiery red lipstick? I adore this combination as it reminds me of a 90's pin up look! Don't forget to define your brows to balance out this top-heavy look! I used BeautyUK's Hi Brow kit which I highly recommend.

-Phil x

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Outfit of the Day: Autumn leaves

This outfit was inspired by the golding of the autumn leaves. (Cue the Thumbelina soundtrack- one of my favourite films for this time of year!) I absolutely adore the bow detail and sheer material of this blouse, making it casual yet elegant- an amazing find at the charity shop for only £1! I really like the colour combination and contrast of the snowwhite blouse paired with the russet trousers. 
Items listed below.

  • Peacocks straight cut trousers
  • Bow detail white blouse (charity shop)
  • Bershka taupe platform heels
  • Accessorize gold bird necklace & bangle
  • Sekonda gold wristwatch
  • Dorothy Perkins gold buckle bag 

Hope you enjoyed.

-Phil x

Golden spice nails

Nail decorations, such as gems and caviars, are a top trend right now. Why not try this cheap and simple alternative using crafts glitter! This started off as a fun experiment but I was so impressed with the results that I decided to share. I used e.l.f's nail polish in 'Royal Purple', a clear top coat nail varnish and some arts&crafts gold glitter. 
I applied a coat of clear nail varnish onto the nail, and while still wet, sprinkled on the glitter. I let this dry and repeated the process to make sure the nail was fully covered and opaque. To ensure your glitter doesn't wash off, make sure you set it with a protective top coat. This also gives a lovely shine!

I chose to accent two of my nails with the gold glitter, however you can decorate with as much or as little glitter as you want. I love how this quick, simple trick instantly spices up your nail design, creating a fun and festive look! There are so many pretty coloured glitters to choose from, so have fun experimenting!

-Phil x

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Look of the Day: my sister

I've always looked up to my sisters for fashion inspiration and admired their style. Today Danni was kind enough to let me photograph her wonderful outfit. I particularly love the use of colour blocking and the way she has layered different fabrics and textures. The vivid red and emerald green are completely appropriate colours for this frosty and festive season! She accented this outfit with simplistic gold jewellery and a matching golden iPhone case. 

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, and big thanks to Danni!

-Phil x

'Glam eyes: Smokey bronze' makeup look

Products used:

 I was eager to experiment with dark, intense eyeshadows because I recently purchased an eyeshadow primer from Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f) in the shade 'Sheer'. Eyeshadow primers are known for enhancing colours, making shadows last longer and helping to prevent creasing. I'm happy to say that the primer made a huge difference, and my shadows lasted all day without creasing or fading. I purchased mine online on the e.l.f website for £1.50; at such an affordable price, I would definitely recommend it.
 After priming my eyes, I used a flat shader brush to highlight the inner corners and the centre of my lids using a pearl-gold colour by Rimmel. (It is always easier to work with light colours first!) I then selected a warm bronze shade and blended this into the inner third of the lid. Using a dense crease brush, I used Sleek's matte black shade called 'Noir' and focused this colour in the outer third of the lid; I blended this out with a chocolate brown colour. This immediately intensifies the look, making it bold and dramatic.
 To add more dimension to the eyes, I used a soft brown shade called 'bark' and blended this into the inner crease. This makes the gold shadows really 'pop' in contrast to the darker tones. I then lined the lower lash line with the same brown shadow to create a 'smokey' effect. I took time to blend out all of the edges to prevent the look from looking too harsh.
 Using a thin, angular brush, I lined my upper and lower lash lines with a matte black eyeshadow to create the illusion of thicker lashes. I then curled my eyelashes and applied a coat of black mascara.
 As the eyes are quite intense, I kept the rest of the face makeup neutral. I used Rimmel's 'Wake me up' foundation and set this with a translucent powder to keep my face matte. I dusted a shimmer based bronzer onto my cheeks to compliment the gold tones in the eye makeup. Finally, I applied Maybelline's lipstick in 'Nude' which helps emphasise the intensity of the eyes. And voila! I love how perfectly my gold leaf earrings match this look! The eye makeup is quite heavy so this would be a suitable night time/going out look. 

-Phil x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

'Enchanting Dawn' makeup look

This morning I woke up early to photograph this stunning sunrise on the 1st of the Christmas month. The sky was on fire, melting into the tenderest of blues and purples. The colours were so vivid that I was inspired to create this enchanting look. Using luxurious satin shades, I tried to capture the spendor of a crisp, winter dawn. 

Products used:
  • Coastal Scents 252 Eyeshadow Palette 
  • Monella Paris cream eyeshadow base in 'Teal' 
  • Miss Sporty mascara in 'Black 01'
  • Rimmel black liquid liner

 I began by applying a creamy eyeshadow base all over the lid to create a smooth canvas for my eyeshadows to stick to. For this, I used a shimmering teal colour which really helped enhance the colours' vibrancy, making them true to their pigmentation. To resemble the sky peeking through the clouds, I used a light bluebell colour and applied this to the inner third of the lid. I then selected a bright violet shade and blended this just above my crease. Using a fluffy brush, I blended away, making the colours soft to resemble the feathery clouds.
 In the photographs that I took, I loved the colour contrast between the silhouetted trees and the burning sky. For this reason, I needed to add depth and a hint of darkness to the look. Therefore I selected a dark, midnight blue colour and focused this in the crease. I blended well so that the blue and purple tones melted together to create a hazy and misty effect, resembling the thick fog surrounding the trees. For a pop of colour, I dusted a romantic pink colour on the outer edges which reminds me of cotton candy clouds.
 I was mesmerised by the sunflower golds and auburn flames which engulfed the sky, and felt this colour had to be incorporated. In the centre of the lid, I applied a shining marigold colour to resemble the rising sun, which adds a warm dimension to the cool tones used. I lined my lower lash line with a black eyeliner and applied some of the deep, blue shadow to balance the eyes. Finally, I used a white eyeliner to highlight my inner corners and layered this with a sparkling grey/white. I used this icy colour to reflect the frosty season, and I love how this instantly brightens up the look.
I used Rimmel's black liquid liner to line my upper lash line; I began with a thin line and gradually thickened it out towards the outer lid which I winged out to create larger looking eyes. I then went back in with the indigo shadow to really emphasise that intense burst of colour. To finish off, I curled my eyelashes and applied two coats of black mascara. 
This necklace is the perfect accessory to compliment this look, it matches flawlessly! The purple stone has fragments of every gorgeous colour that I've incorporated into the eye makeup. My boyfriend bought this for me as a gift and I absolutely adore it.
The eyes are the key element of this look, reflecting the colours of a cool, winters sunrise. For this reason, I kept my lips and cheeks minimal and understated. I dusted a light bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks to warm my complexion, and applied Natural Collections neutral lipgloss in 'Pearl barley'
Quite a breathtaking view to have from my bedroom window! Happy December.

-Phil x