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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Golden Plum: makeup tutorial

Lately I've been loving gold eyeshadow and have been incorporating it into many of my makeup looks.  I created this look using smokey purples and a glittering golds which I call 'Golden plum'. I wanted to experiment with different textures by using shimmer-based gold shades to contrast against the matte plum colours. I love the outcome and think this will look really pretty on all eye colours.

Begin with prime ready eyes. Using a flat shader brush, pack on a gold/bronze colour all over the lid. (*Optional: I used a pale gold on the inner third and a darker gold on the centre of the lid for extra tone and dimension.) The e.l.f natural palette is my go-to favourite for gold/bronze/neutral shades which can be purchased here. Using a dense brush and a matte plum shade, cut the crease and blend away. Take time to blend but stay within the outer corner region or else you'll look like you have a black eye! To create more depth, layer the crease with a deep purple shade and keep going back with a clean fluffy brush to blend the harsh edges out. 

To soften the look, I selected a sweet pink shade and used this to blend the outer edges out. Not only does this create a 'smokey' look but it also adds some warmth to our colour palette. I used Taupe from Sleek to highlight my inner corners to bring more light into the look which really helps make the gold colour pop. To balance out the eyes, I applied the matte plum shadow to my lower lash line which also helps create the illusion of larger eyes. Finally I used my gel liner to create a slight cat eye and applied mascara. 
Here's the finished look!

Hope you enjoyed! 
-Phil x

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Smokey gold eyes: makeup tutorial

 Hello everyone! In light of the sun finally making an appearance, I wanted to create something fun and bright. I played around with some golds and yellows and came up with this deep blue smokey eye/sunflower gold contrast which really makes my brown eye colour pop. I used my Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette because I wanted colours with high pigmentation. As the eyes are bold and dramatic, I kept the rest of the face very neutral with just a light pink blush and moisturising lip balm.

As always, I started off by priming my lids to ensure the shadows are true to their colour pigmentation. It's always easiest to apply your shadows lightest to darkest, so I began with a light butter yellow shade and placed this into my inner corners, blending out into the inner third. Using a bright sunflower gold colour, I applied this to the centre of the lid for a warm, vibrant pop of colour. Be sure to blend the two shades together to create a soft gradient.

Using a dense crease brush, I selected a royal blue shade and worked this into the outer crease and down below the lower lash line. Blending is key to this look- using a clean fluffy brush and a 'windshield wiper' motion, blend all the outer edges out until they are soft (but don't over blend or else your colours will become muddy!) After I was happy with the blending, I went back and reapplied a dab of gold to make the colour really stand out.

 Using a wetted brush and a dark matte blue shade, I lined my upper lash line keeping the line relatively thin to avoid my eyes looking too weighed down. (This is a great alternative for if you don't have any eyeliner handy.) To complete the eyes, I curled my lashes and applied a few generous coats of mascara to make my lashes thick and dramatic. I love the colour combination of this look and especially how the contrast brings out my dark eye colour.

Thanks for reading!
-Phil x

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chopard Wish eau de parfum: Review

I was recently given a lovely gift of this 'Wish' perfume by Chopard which can be purchased here. I really didn't expect the bottle to be so beautiful and wanted to share a few photographs with my fellow beauty bloggers. The packaging is a midnight blue colour which is complimented by the blue glass bottle; the bottle sparkles like a diamond in the light, and almost looks too precious to use! The scent is very sharp, fresh and floral which mellows out over time to a soft, clean fragrance. As it isn't heavy or musky, this fragrance is light and refreshing enough for everyday wear- and I will certainly be using it.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.
-Phil x