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Friday, 10 January 2014

Ardell individual lash: Review

I recently purchased some Ardell individual lashes and I am super excited to try them out. My sister wears them frequently and recommended them due to their natural finish. The pack comes with 60 lash flares and providing I take care of them (keep them clean/remove excess glue), they will last a very long time. From past experience, the adhesive that comes free with most lash sets is low quality and too thick/clumpy. For this reason, I also got Ardell's dark adhesive specifically for individual lashes. Although these are not the most inexpensive of products, the quality completely lives up to expectations and I am very happy with them.

Application: Truthfully, I found it extremely difficult to apply these lashes because I'm so new to this. Hopefully with practise it'll get easier! The easiest method I found was to apply the lashes using tweezers. This allows you to put the lash band right above your real lashes, making them look more natural and seamless. I used three of the lash flares per eye because I didn't want them to look too overpowering/heavy. I merely wanted to accentuate the length and density of my own eyelashes and I am really pleased with how they turned out. The glue is extremely strong, and if well kept, these lashes can be worn for up to two weeks. However this was just an experiment for me and I removed them using Ardell's lash remover.
(Sorry for webcam quality!) Here's how they looked:

I'm aware this is nowhere near perfect, but for a first attempt I'm happy! Thanks for reading.
-Phil x

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