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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Diy gift idea: Bookmarks

I adore making gifts. It's fun, meaningful and inexpensive. I made this bookmark for my friend, and for a first attempt, full of trial and error, I think it turned out quite lovely. I started out by cutting out a thick piece of cardboard in a rectangular shape, about two inches in width. I then chose a piece of fabric (I made the mistake of choosing a silky fabric where the colours bled into the glue slightly, oh well!) and measured out a section to wrap around the cardboard. I applied a thin layer of fabric glue and left to dry for 20 minutes.
 This is the fun and creative part- decorating, yay! I based my design on a Geisha Kimono dress and therefore used a satin black ribbon, gold thread, and red beads and buttons. I threaded some pretty beads through the ribbon and then tied it into a bow, securing it with fabric glue. I then wound some sparkly golden thread around the black ribbon which added a lovely contrast of colour. Finally, I added a shiny button. The back looks exactly the same as the front, but with added golden sequins. I love the finished look and look forward to experimenting further with different fabrics and designs!
-Phil x

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