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Friday, 22 November 2013

Hair tutorial for long hair: Simple elegant twist

This is one of my favourite hairstyles for day time because it is cute, casual and only takes 3 minutes! I always get compliments on this style because the 'twist' looks elegant and puts a modern shake on the everyday pony-tail. This style looks great with both curly and straight hair, for this look I decided to put some large loose curls through my hair to add texture and volume. 
Firstly I gathered my hair to one side and tied it into a low, loose pony tail. I then split the hair (above the hair tie) into two sections, and pulled the pony tail through the top to create a topsy-turvy twist. I lightly tugged at the hair to add volume and make the style look more effortless and casual. Finally I applied some heat protectant spray and used my John Frieda curling tongs to add some waves and texture. Dress this look up with a flower accessory and voila!  

-Phil x

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